Specialized in managing the whole defaulted debt process for our clients
We advise clients on collection of default debt through all legal proceedings, ensuring their needs and interests

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Tailor-made services with outstading quality
We offer responsable management, rigorous and effective supervision and flawless execution ensuring a confidential treatment of the cases entrusted to us

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Succesful management of contentious collection of defaulted debt
We offer comprehensive judicial solutions, tailoring its actions according to the origin of the debt, the type of debtor and the amount of the debt

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A different “Collection of the Debt” Firm

We offer our clients a personalized service backed by our solid experience, which ensures rigour and dedication in our legal practice.

We specialize in managing contentious collection of defaulted debt

Our firm offers comprehensive management solutions for the legal collection of all types of debt (consumer finance, investments, etc.) regarding the appropriate judicial proceedings:

  • Mortgage and Executive (ETJ, ETNJ)
  • “Cambiarios” and “Monitorios”
  • “Ordinarios” and “Verbales”, etc.
  • Bankrupcy and Insolvency procedures

  • We have a team of professionals with over ten years of experience in the field of judicial dunning. We also use tools designed for effective management and timely monitoring of investor and servicer NPL portfolios

A propietary method that delivers excellent results

The Optimal recovery offers a different kind of service versus our competition, with our propietary method fine-tuned with our experience in the sector for the past years

We are specialized in comprehensive judicial solutions, tailoring our actions to collect the debt according to the origin of the debt, the type of debtor and the amount of the debt

We subject all phases and milestones of court proceedings to rigorous control, reviewing them regularly to detect incidents and speed up processing times

Whenever necessary, we adapt to the action and follow-up protocols required by our customers

Our firm reinforces the debt claim process through the courts with parallel out-of-courts actions focused on exhausting all resources and ensuring the fastest and cheapest possible resolution for our clients. These actions are performed by qualified judicial recovery management professionals.

We advise clients on whether to prosecute, as well as on the stipulation of the adequate procedural time and solvency requirements for that purpose

Service Offerings

Due Diligence

  • Review and validation of data
  • Document review
  • Legal analysis
  • Strategies


  • Review
  • Writing
  • Follow-up work

Out of courts Management

  • Negotiations
  • Solvency reports
  • Telephone management
  • Writing claims
  • Meetings with debtors
  • Agreement deals

Judicial Management

  • Substitution of successor for a deceased debtor
  • Monitorios
  • Mortgage proceedings
  • Executions
  • Ordinaries
  • Oral proceedings
  • Bankruptcy

Areas of Activity


  • Financial entities
  • Credit entities
  • Investment funds

Real Estate

  • Institutional investors
  • Family Office
  • Private investors


  • Schools
  • Universities

Commercial Debt

  • Telecom and Utility companies
  • Software providers and design agencies
  • Other commercial debts

Contact Information

C/Segre 20, 1ºE
28020 Madrid
(T) +34 91 427 32 32
E-mail: administracion@theoptimalrecovery.com

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